After, it’s back to planet blog…

Finally after two months of working solidly getting it has finally gone live and I can actually write some posts!!

In case you don’t know, we’ve been working for the last year and we think we’ve created a great site.

We’re adding more and more content all the time from Mexican real estate articles to travel in Mexico, expats living in Mexico to some great multimedia. On top of that, and the most interesting of all for this writer, is the social network that we’re developing for expats living in and around Mexico. I think it’s going to be big…there isn’t anyone else out there doing it at the level we are.

So go on, if you’re thinking of visiting Mexico,  looking at buying some real estate or maybe moving here with a job there’s bound to be somthing of interest there for you.

Anyway, enough self promoting, but seriously, check out and let us know what you think.


One response to “After, it’s back to planet blog…

  1. Hi Simon…thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving such kind, appreciative comments.. I am a reader of Inside Mex every month but have not checked out the website as such…so will do so…do you work for the magazine full time?? Am interested in the things you flagged up in this post, so will start checking it all out…
    kind regards Catherine

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