Your business card is cr@p!!!

I just stumbled across this video on the website (more about them in another post) and I love it. This guy gives even the late, great Billy Mays a run for his money…

To be fair the guy has a point. So many people, myself included, have incredibly boring, formulaic business cards that you’d forget in an instant.

In fact some of the most memorable and commented upon business cards I’ve seen are my wife’s – business cards with a selection of her photos on the back from Moo. She’s a freelance writer and photographer (check out her work here – I’ll be in her good books for ages!) and the photographs not only immediately showcase what she’s all about but actually initiate a conversation. She gives her new contact a choice of their favourite photo and it goes on from there.

So for anyone, in any business, at a time when making yourself stand out from the crowd is more important than ever, a great business card is a valuable investment. Now if only I could work out how to get my business cards to talk…

Oh and if you want to check out exactly why Billy Mays was known as the greatest pitchman in the business, check this out:


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