Possibly the biggest understatement of the century?

I was just checking out this post on the birth of Twitter. It’s a tad geektastic, but interesting all the same – amazing what can come out of an afternoon’s brainstorming session.

Oh this is going to be addictive – @Dom

According to @dom this was the 38th ever message (written by him) on twitter. Talk about an understatement.

@jack – twitter founder and chairman Jack Dorsey – was just as prescient:

One could change the world with 140 characters

With Twitter’s proliferation both in terms of users, tweets and presence in the global conscience, these guys have been proved right time and time again.

Check out @dom’s website for his book  140 Characters: a style guide for the short form. I’m yet to read the book but it looks fascinating and should be well worth a read for anyone who gets confused about their tweeple and their twitpics.

Will this be the new language form of the future? Could you write Shakespeare in 140 characters? I’m not so sure, but people are always willing to give it a go. If you’re one of them you should enter @timescheltenham‘s competition to write a story in 135 characters.

If you liked this post don’t forget to retweet it. I’ve even shortened the URL for you 🙂 http://wp.me/pn1Fq-2a

And here’s my take on thinking in 140 characters or less.


I just stumbled upon this explanation of 140 Characters by @dom himself on Mont C. M. Metger’s blog. Thanks for sharing Monty!


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