What does social media make-up look like?

I just stumbled across this very cool social media process chart from Damien Basile via Steffen Konrath (@stkonrath).

Social Media Process v. 1.0

It definitely sums up a lot of my social media make-up although there are a couple of things I don’t use that I’ll endeavour to try out.

For example, to my shame, I am yet to get to grips with FriendFeed, Pixelpipe or Spotify (which come to think about it isn’t on this chart).

So thanks to Damien for giving me the push to investigate some new social networks and apps. I hope he does another in a years time – I’m sure the social media landscape will have turned around another 360 degrees by then!


5 responses to “What does social media make-up look like?

  1. spotify isn’t a social site, that’s why. For a social music experience you’re better off with last or blip.

    Spotify may try and layer in more social functionality at some point (or buy someone like last and mash the two) but at the moment it’s a pretty solitary (but still excellent) service

  2. Thanks for the update dude. Now all I need is to experience it for myself if you’d like to send me an invite…I never received one from the other person in the end 😉

  3. Actually scratch that, just received one! Will have to get on with spotifying right now.

  4. Great social process/map. When’s the next post coming out? 😉

  5. Nice post, you should certainly check out spotify. I would look to feature it in your diagram. It’s a great little app and it’s integrating with outposts like Facebook well – check out the Christina promotion via it.

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