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Depressingly familiar advertising complaints follow “Matrix”-style VW Golf ad…

As much an excuse to have a cool advert on my blog as anything else, I thought I’d record my two peneth on the latest VW Golf TV commercial by DDB London.

Even though (for me) owning a Golf went out of fashion with drinking Diamon White in the local park and mustering up the courage to buy a packet of cigarettes, I’ve sat up and paid attention to the slick production of the new Golf ad featuring a German car designer fighting it out with clones of himself in a factory, with all the kung fu mayhem that that entails.

As ever, people with too little to do and to much time on their hands (105 and counting) are insisting that the advert should be shown after the 9pm watershed in the UK.

The problem, as they see it, is that the advert glorifies violence and I guess feel that their kids will soon be fighting it out with windscreen wipers and petrol caps.

I have several problems with this kind of attempt at censorship. Firstly, this advert shows what is obviously fantasy violence and really no more violent than any given episode of Doctor Who or most popular video games.

Secondly banning this advert from tv before the watershed will do nothing because it takes about two seconds for anyone, young children included, to find on any video sharing site, not to mention on every one of the newspaper websites – see Monday’s Guardian – that will be reporting on (and giving a huge amount of publicity to) this new VW Golf advertising campaign.

On top of all this, in a new economic age where advertising revenues are going down the drain and magazine and tv ad rates are falling through the floor, do we want to let these over sensitive busy bodies reduce their earning potential any further?

Well, without any further to do, here’s the ad in all it’s ass-kicking glory:

And whilst I’m on the TV advert tip, here’s my favourite advert of the year so far…80’s revival and beautiful blondes to boot 🙂


Continuing with my online video obsession…

So if you’re looking for a good list of free video sharing sites, check out the Friday Traffic Rpt  from Jack Humphrey including well known sites such as Youtube and Google Video, to lesser known sites (at least to me) such as Famster, and CastPost.

As Jack says:

Video marketing is surpassing article marketing for “newness” but also effectiveness of the link building and direct traffic it generates.

This is certainly a list we’ll be checking out as we look to ramp up creating video channels for videos. I’ll let you know what our experiences are like as we begin to use each one.

Video doesn’t play well in Mexico

After trying to watch a 5 minute video last night over a period of half an hour, I realised that online video in Mexico is broken and is still the pipedream that Simon Burgess of proMotion says is now over in the US and Canada.

My experience of trying to access online video living here in Mexico City is this: this morning I watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s 2 minute take on owning your own .tv domain. No problems.

I know however that this afternoon it simply will not load, or every 20 seconds I’ll have to wait another 5 minutes waiting for it to buffer.

In a country were online advertising grew 97% in the last year, where online marketing is exploding, how can this be? Why is there such a lack of bandwidth allowing a good experience of online video?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because there is no competition whatsoever here. Mexico is a country ruled by Carlos Slim and his Grupo Carso empire.

Carlos Slim - The Emperor battling against the Rebel internet users

Carlos Slim

For this reason, no one can go out there and provide better bandwidth at a better price because his company Telmex basically has a monopoly over providing internet access.

If Mexico is to really develop it’s online media industry then it must be supported by the likes of Telmex and Cablevision with better bandwidth provision and cheaper internet access.

Only then will the Mexican internet audience (not to mention the expats living here like me) get the most out of their online use, and only then will advertiser see the benefit of online video.