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How soon is too soon?

So having finally published my first post after a few abortive attempts, I’ve received some great feedback. And yet something a good friend said has been nagging at me:

dude I don’t want to dampen your spirits but I’d wait a bit until you have a few posts before hawking the blog to everyone (friendly advice)

I guess I got pretty over-excited about writing my first blog and wanted as many people to have a look as possible.

But maybe he has a point? If I went to another blog or website and there was only one article/post on it I’d probably think it wasn’t worth going back as they’d seem pretty unproductive. And what if I never have anything to say of interest again? That would be pretty embarrasing not to metion eternally recorded in the mists of the tinterweb.

I’m thinking that maybe you have to “earn your stripes” as a blogger before it’s okay to promote your thoughts to other people. But I have no idea of the etiquette. Is it 5 posts, 10 posts, 100 posts before you have the critical mass for mass (okay so 10 people) consumption?

What do you think? How soon is too soon?

P.S I’ve realised that my blogging voice is starting to sound a little Sex In The City